Fr. Aloysius’ Family Coat of Arms

Butron Castle

Butron Castle

(Biscay, Spain) The Castle of Butron is located in the Basque Province of Biscay. Although the castle’s history is not related to Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F. or the family of his father Raymond, the Ellacuria family, nor that of his mother Martha, the Echevarria family, there is a resemblance between this castle and the two family coats of arms. Even the respective families coats of arms, that of the Ellacuria and that of the Echevarria, are similar.

Here is the Ellacuria family “Coat of Arms”, depicted below.

Coat of Arms -

Coat of Arms – “Ellacuria”

Then there is the coat of arms of the Echevarria family, depicted below.

Echevarria Coat of Arms

Regarding specifically the Ellacuria family, it’s heritage and family tree can be traced to the Ninth Century. The Ellacuria coat of arms was showed to me by a cousin named Maximo when I visited in 1982. However, additional investigation is needed. The most familiar Coat of Arms of the Ellacuria family depicts a tower over a field of blue water. Sometimes it has two wolves guarding the entrance to the tower, or perhaps trying to have access to the tower. In religious iconography, the tower represents the Church. Entrance to the door requires passing through the waters of Baptism, i.e. only those who have immersed themselves in the waters of Baptism have access to Salvation. The  tower could also represent the Faith. Another interpretation is that the tower represents the Ark of Noah. Salvation is only possible for those inside the Ark of Noah.



  1. admin said:

    In 1982 I visited the Spanish city of Bilbao, and I met some of the relatives of Fr. Aloysius. One of these was Maximo, who gave me a family tree and showed me the Ellacuria Coat of Arms. I have saved my notes and photographs of that trip, including a picture of the Coat of Arms. If anyone has seen the original, I would be glad to hear about it.

    • Angy said:

      He did a good teaching on how to pray. Certainly if we ecexpt to be acceptable before The Allmighty our praying skills should be sharpened by the stone Fr. Aloysius is. Behold, the handmaid of the Lord be it done in me according to Thy will