1. Fr. Kevin Pius said:

    There are currently several books about Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F.

    In this work entitled The Fatima Protocol the reader glimpses the heart and spirit of Fr. Aloysius through his writings and letters. The title, The Fatima Protocol, is an appropriate name for the book, since Father Aloysius’ foundational movement becomes a reality during the year 1971 in Fatima, Portugal.

    The book is available at Amazon through the following link:

    The Fatima Protocol

    • Jol said:

      This is great news! Last spring we were about to leave on a long drive to go see one of our sons and my hip was raelly causing me a lot of pain. I dreaded having that spoil our trip. The morning before we left a friend at Mass gave me a paper about this wonderful priest and that day I asked his intercession to alleviate my pain. (There’s no coincidence with our awesome Lord!) My prayer was miraculously answered!