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Fr. Aloysius born in the Basque Country

Fr. Aloysius born in the Basque Country

(Bilbao, Spain) The friends and supporters of Fr. Aloysius are proud to announce that work is being done to contact his family in the Basque Provinces of Spain. As many may recall, and as it is documented in the film, “The Angel of Biscay”, Fr. Aoysius was born in Yurre, Bisque on June 21, 1905.

Fr. Aloysius’ Family Coat of Arms

(Biscay, Spain) The Castle of Butron is located in the Basque Province of Biscay. Although the castle’s history is not related to Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F. or the family of his father Raymond, the Ellacuria family, nor that of his mother Martha, the Echevarria family, there is a resemblance between this castle and the two

Nuestra Señora de Begoña – Bilbao

(Bilbao, España) Madre de Dios de Begoña es una advocación mariana originaria de la anteiglesia de Begoña, actualmente perteneciente a Bilbao, España. Fue declarada canónicamente patrona de Bilbao y Vizcaya en 1903 por San Pío X, y su festividad se celebra el 11 de octubre.En el pueblecito de Almáciga en Tenerife (Canarias) existe una pequeña

Timber Land

(Biscaya, Spain) Ramon Ellacuria owned timber land in the town of Yurre. Here is what this property looks like.

CMN Show Table

  Our booth at the Catholic Marketing Network convention was located next to the Blue Army’s booth. This location at the convention worked well, since in 1971 Fr. Aloysius’ plan was for his Claretian Missionaries of Perpetual Adoration to serve as chaplains of the Blue Army throughout the world. The letter which Fr. Aloysius wrote to John

Back to the Cave of Altamira in Spain, Still Controversial

By RAPHAEL MINDER JULY 30, 2014 The Cave of Altamira is a cave in Northern Spain famous for its Upper Paleolithic cave paintings featuring drawings and polychrome rock paintings of wild mammals and human hands. Its special relevance comes from the fact that it was the first cave in which prehistoric cave paintings had been discovered. When

Altimara Caves

Back to the Cave of Altamira in Spain, Still Controversial

ALTAMIRA, Spain — The cave of Altamira in northern Spain contains some of the world’s finest examples of Paleolithic art. For years, visitors came to see the bisons, horses and mysterious signs painted and carved into the limestone as far back as 22,000 years ago. But in 2002 the cave was closed to the public