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Basque Country

Fr. Aloysius born in the Basque Country

(Bilbao, Spain) The friends and supporters of Fr. Aloysius are proud to announce that work is being done to contact his family in the Basque Provinces of Spain. As many may recall, and as it is documented in the film, “The Angel of Biscay”, Fr. Aoysius was born in Yurre, Bisque on June 21, 1905.

Fr. Aloysius’ Family Coat of Arms

(Biscay, Spain) The Castle of Butron is located in the Basque Province of Biscay. Although the castle’s history is not related to Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, C.M.F. or the family of his father Raymond, the Ellacuria family, nor that of his mother Martha, the Echevarria family, there is a resemblance between this castle and the two